Our Leadership

Tilex Telecom Global believes leaders are only as strong as the team behind them. We're all in this together. As a broad-based employee-owned company, we empower our people to take the lead on each project so that you get the best service possible. We also have practice leaders who work directly with you to understand the project, keep you informed and bring you in to make key decisions. This is a partnership, and we want you to feel good about your choice to work with us.


Our philosophy

We take care of you. We treat you like an extension of the Tilex Telecom Global family. We watch the budget, work hard, give you our best, and have some fun along the way. It's important to us to have an enjoyable work environment. It gives us the energy to deliver on time, on budget, and beyond your expectations. We're here to help you and your bottom line. That's what family does.


Quality control

We wrote the book on quality control. Really – it's called the "Tilex Telecom Global Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manual." It's our way of checking and double-checking each design before we begin construction. With this program, we're able to address your project's needs in these key areas: cost control procedures, budget maintenance, construction feasibility and project scheduling.

In addition to the book, we have a team of quality control experts: the Chief Architect and Chief Engineer, who coordinate with the Quality Control Manager. Our system is set up to review projects at several stages – inception, design and milestone intervals. We look at how objectives are being met, maintaining continuity and verifying the best approach to the design. We want you to have total confidence and peace of mind.

What we do

We have Mastered the Tactics of Backhaul Complexities

The one word that could best describe today’s wireless network would be complex. The ecosystem of this market is constantly evolving in order to keep pace with the high bandwidth service requirements of 3G and 4G wireless networks. It is of critical importance to wireless mobile network operators to be able to quickly and efficiently upgrade these networks to allow for higher bandwidth services, and, in turn, realize the additional revenue generated from these services.

The network itself is segmented into 6 major areas: the fronthaul, RAN, mobile switching center, central office or headend, data center, and outside plant backhaul. This complexities, challenges and solutions for providing flexible connectivity for the outside plant backhaul portion of the network is what the client needs a solid solution for.