Harder Than It Looks

We have experience with wireless installations and wireless LANs (WLANs) in the widest range of environments. WiFi networks offer increased mobility and greater productivity, that's why many business owners and managers turn to wireless solutions to cut the costs and improve efficiency. We are a very experienced wireless network installer with a long and history a wireless projects all the way from wireless network design, to engineering and installation services.

What we do

We have Mastered the Tactics of Backhaul Complexities

The one word that could best describe today’s wireless network would be complex. The ecosystem of this market is constantly evolving in order to keep pace with the high bandwidth service requirements of 3G and 4G wireless networks. It is of critical importance to wireless mobile network operators to be able to quickly and efficiently upgrade these networks to allow for higher bandwidth services, and, in turn, realize the additional revenue generated from these services.

The network itself is segmented into 6 major areas: the fronthaul, RAN, mobile switching center, central office or headend, data center, and outside plant backhaul. This complexities, challenges and solutions for providing flexible connectivity for the outside plant backhaul portion of the network is what the client needs a solid solution for.